STARTING OUT / by Angela Fortin Washington

IN THE BEGINNING, things are not set in stone and there are so many details to consider. This can be good; things are still changeable, you're still able to set a new tone, you're at the very beginning of every possibility. Down side --  ALL of those possibilities can be scary because it isn't always clear what the outcomes will be.


It's like the being in the cereal isle at the grocery store; on one hand, you're excited at the freedom, but how do you make the choice? It often comes down to what is worth it and what isn't. Luckily in "real life" I don't have to make ALL of these new decisions alone...I have a  wonderful support-my friends, and my family! 

That's why I am dedicating my first EVER blog post to all of the people who have made my life possible. Thank you all for listening to me when I felt crazy, helping me make decisions, and most of all BELIEVING in me that I am capable. You are the BEST friends & family a girl could ever ask for!

Becoming a responsible member of society, starting a new business, and balancing life in between can be overwhelming, and I am so glad I don't have to do it on my own!