Me & 2013! / by Angela Fortin Washington

Although most photogs hate being in front of the camera, it's easier to handle if it is a self-portrait...the only problem is, you are also not behind the camera to coach yourself and focus where you want. RESULT---> slight frustration but less pressure. I got the idea to do a self-portrait/goals post from one of role models, Katelyn James (she's uh-MAZING!) This was my first attempt at a self-portrait, here are the three I liked best but couldn't choose from.


Professional Goals:

  • Consistently blog 3x a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • Get confident with OCF setup (Off Camera Flash)
  • Make new Photography friends
  • Be consistent with business plan and branding
  • Crack down on the business side of AFS
  • Create a luxury experience for ALL my clients
  • Shoot all 2013 weddings well and make my brides feel loved!

Personal  Goals

  • Work out 3-4x a week
  • Be more intentional with my friends and have deep healthy relationships
  • Let loose and have fun (life is too short to take yourself too serious)
  • Actually use my recipe books to cook instead of getting dusty on my shelf haha
  • More dancing.....all the time!


I LOVE my new haircut I got at  Virtue!!!

I LOVE my new haircut I got at Virtue!!!

Things I am looking forward to

  • Learning, I am soo excited to absorb everything I can in 2013 from photography to life. People around you have so much knowledge, let someone teach you something you don't know about!
  • Katelyn James Workshop February 8th!!! And driving down with my new fabulous photog friend from MI, Yen Minns!
  • Having my office organized and just the way I want!
  • All of my weddings I have booked!!!!!!!!!!! I love all my brides, they are the BEST!

Have a great weekend everyone!!