On the Up & Up / by Angela Fortin Washington

So as most of you probably know, on Monday I got my CANON MARK III !!! I am not sure I have ever been so excited about technology before!! I haven't had the time to fiddle with it as much as I would have liked, but I have some exciting plans.. 

  • You all will hear much more about this, but next week is my Katelyn James Workshop. I am traveling with my new photog friend, Yen (who also has the Mark III, so I am hoping to learn some tricks and tips from her and also from other photogs from the workshop! This little beauty is GOING FOR A SPIN (I am referring to my camera, not me in case you were wondering haha)


  • After watching Sue Bryce & Hailey Bartholomew's creativeLIVE webinar last week about making showreels, all I want to do is play with making video..and now I can do that with my Mark III (I named it Miley..don't ask why) So I am telling all of you out there on the web so I am held accountable for working on my movie making skills :) 

But besides 'Miley', things are really looking up for AFS....I am SO excited to work with all the Brides and families that have booked for 2013! One of my newest Brides, Katie, told me that she only had two stipulations about her wedding, that it was outside, and that she be barefoot...let me tell you, I knew as soon as she said this I was gonna like this girl! Her fiance Trevor is such a gentleman and I am looking forward to spending their big day with them in May. I am also proud to have finally opened a separate business account at PNC....yeah, I know it's not the smartest thing I have put off..needless to say, it was still exciting!

And then there is this..


I know what you may be thinking...girrrrl, you already have that lens...and that is when I tell you, it's not a lens......


...because THAT is my lens on the left....


...it's a travel mug!!!!!!!!! I know, I am a nerd, I will admit it right here, but it just got me so excited! This thing looks so real, even the buttons move on it..no joke. I thought it was a lense at first, then when I picked it up and found out, it wasn't my lens, it was a CUP!

So here is to drinking whatever your daily poison is and making the best out of this warm, grey winter day! **Bonus doggie shots**