Advent Calendar, December 1-4 / by Angela Fortin Washington

 So, it turns out,

that I have lost my sense of time, because I was sure Monday was December 1st.. Having that said, the reason I wanted to start this on the first of December is because I really wanted to post a picture for every day in December to create a photo-advent calendar (it's not chocolate, but it will have to do). I have always loved these calendars, and it also doubles as a way of staying in the game during the cold month of December. 

 Each photo will either have the number or have objects that represent that number for each day as well as tell a little story of my day.


December 1st


This little guy is a very small part of the stocking I have been working on for a while, I will post a picture when it is completely done :) Isn't he cute?

December 2nd


I know you can't tell from this photo, but that's a glass of me lame or nostalgic, but I've been drinking a lot of lately and my favorite cup happened to work perfect for day 2!

December 3rd


Can't forget my music! I know this one is more discrete, but it's on the third track.

December 4th


I know a lot of people can't believe this, but I don't actually like getting flowers...go ahead, be shocked..but I know the intention is always good, and I try to remember that. One thing I do love, is how beautiful flowers are when they dry up, I don't know why, but I think it's more appealing than most living flowers.

Come back tomorrow for day 5!