It's my Mom's Birthday! / by Angela Fortin Washington

And in case you were wondering, I am her secret keeper, and will not be spilling her age! The Sun has obediently showed up on my Mom's favorite holiday...the day (or month depending on who you ask) honoring her birth and henceforth the day (or month) that everyone has to be nice to her. LOVE YOU MOM!

I wanted to specifically write this about my Mom because, all joking aside, being a Mom is what she does BEST! Whenever I get sick, she knows how to take care of me. She always has variable assortments of pills and remedies for any minor affliction on her at all times; she'd probably get stopped at the border by the drug dogs HAHA


What Makes Judy, JUDY:

  • She always makes me laugh, and she can laugh at herself
  • She is always there for everyone who needs her
  • She is amazing at socializing, seriously, she makes it look like a sport on ESPN
  • She makes up multiple words in a sentence, just because she can
  • She has a 10 product, multi-step shower-post-beautifying routine
  • She is an amazing gardener
  • WebMD ain't got nothing on the theories my mom has on why you are sick...
  • She is fiercely loyal
  • Tennis is her LIFE...besides me
  • She instilled in me the desire to always learn from people about things you don't know about
  • You don't need onStar when you are friends with her, she can do a play by play from any spot she has been (although she isn't as professional as your British GPS lady)
  • She has more energy than most twenty-somethings...I am serious, I get nervous she is sick when she gets just doesn't happen
  • She doesn't filter...ever

Love her or hate her, take her or leave her, she is one amazing woman and MY BIGGEST FAN, and I couldn't be without her!!!!!! 

LOVE YOU MOM, Happy Birthday!


This is my favorite picture of us because it soo real hahaha

This was when I was in highschool, we were on a train in Arizona

This was when I was in highschool, we were on a train in Arizona

Leave my Judy some Birthday wishes and Love below!