Great Dates & Ways to Spice it up! / by Angela Fortin Washington

At the beginning of most relationships, people try harder, they just do..we fix our hair, make sure we shower, and actually go on dates. After a while, not that we don't love each other, it just gets harder to come up with something new to do or even come up with the motivation to put some makeup on. Sad but true, with those few freak exceptions, we, as humans, get comfortable! So instead of getting your hunny a stuffed teddy bear and chocolate, come up with something exciting! If not for V-Day, then for date night...or a Wednesday night...yep I said it, doing something midweek outside of the house...eek!


Over the years, and many episodes of the Bachelorette later, I have realized something, it's not always about how crazy or expensive a date is, it's ALL about how much time you or your partner took to think of the other. When it comes down to it, people want to know you were thinking of them. Now, I'm about to get a little scientific about things..but there is a book called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and it is really insightful about how people give and receive love. It is a Christian based book, but it can also apply to everyone. He breaks it down to Quality Time, Time Spent, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Gifts, and Words of Affirmation. Now as you can imagine, most people feel loved by more than one of these. Also, not everyone gives love the way they receive it. For example, my love languages are Acts of Service and Quality Time but the way I show love it by Gifts and Words of Affirmation...I know, I'm weird. The reason I told you this is to figure out your love languages and your partners and then try to not only love them the way they feel it, but also notice when they are trying to love you the way they naturally do and appreciate it!


If you live together, it gets easy to just get stuck in a are some ways that you can change it up.

  • Leaving little notes for the other one to find..on the bathroom mirror, in a lunch bag, computer, wherever. A cute text mid-day is also great!
  • Doing little favors for each other like plugging in my phone to charge (cause I forget a lot) Taking the dogs out when it wasn't their turn to.
  • Picking up a little something extra from the store, whether it be a snack or a gift. 
  • Going and doing something the other one likes, even if it isn't their favorite.
  • Taking a walk to get coffee or tea, even though we can make it at home.
  • Starting an ongoing adventure
  • Drinking wine, and doing a puzzle (great for winter)
  • Giving and receiving back about love language!
  • Making breakfast, coffee, or tea for one another, even though they could do it themselves.
  • Going to the gym together ( I realize this is not for everyone)
  • Finding shows on tv to watch together


Truly, it may seem like unless you have an extravagant date planned, that it won't be fun or appreciated, but when you add up all the little gestures and encouragements you give throughout the day, they really add up to be bigger than a fancy date. By putting in constant effort, in all of these little ways, it makes you love your partner more.

Ok, now here are some fun dates to shake things up that I have collected.

  1. Get all the ingredients to make a pizza and go home and put it together while drinking wine (or whatever floats your boat)
  2. Build a the good old days, and play board games or tell stories
  3. Look up local garage sales and estate sales and travel around on a weekend with some cash
  4. Come up with a contest (the more stupid, the better) anyone who has watched Cougar Town..."Penny Can!!"
  5. Take a picnic and some foil to a small body of water and make and race your foil boats (I am not promoting littering here haha)
  6. Mix and match foods or drinks you have laying around to come up with a new concoction...doesn't always turn out the best, but at least you will have a fun story to laugh about! P.S. Mountain Dew Apple Fritters are a total win! Click Here for Recipe
  7. Make paper airplanes and take turns shooting them down with rubber bands
  8. Dress up in togas (sheets) feed each other grapes while watching an old classic...I personally like the King and I
  9. Finger Paint
  10. Night hike and glow sticks....
  11. Walk to get ice cream and eat it while snuggled up on a bench
  12. Take a walk in the rain (when it is warm of course) seriously, some of the best times have been in the rain.
  13. Pack a morning picnic and watch the sunrise somewhere beautiful
  14. Have brunch and go to a matinee for a cheaper dinner/movie option
  15. Go get coffee and a pastry and feed each other the dessert (or not if that makes you feel weird haha)
  16. Watch a terrible movie on silent (or a Spanish soap opera) and pick characters to make up lines fun
  17. Find a planetarium near you and watch the stars
  18. Bring some art supplies to a nature spot and pretend your Monet
  19. Play with something messy, like clay or cookie dough
  20. Wash your car...they make it look fun on tv...just wait till it's warm for that one so you can spray them with the hose :)
  21. Often times restaurants have discounts midwest to get customers in, find out what they are and take advantage of it!

HERE is the link for more date ideas

Hope this sparks your creativity and inspires you to love more and enjoy your partner! Have a lovely Valentines Day!