The Season is Among Us!! / by Angela Fortin Washington

We are heading into Spring, and that can only mean one thing, Wedding Season is upon us! And with that, many Engagement Sessions are on the horizons! I am soooo thrilled with the couples that I am working with for 2013! Some things you can look forward to from AFS weddings this spring/summer: Rustic, Barns, Lace, Vintage, Art Deco, Whimsical, Romantic, Colorful, Woodsy, Chevron, and an Ice Sculpture, yep, I am for real!! All of that on top of gorgeous brides and handsome grooms!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this cut!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this cut!


So what am I doing to prepare?

  1. Getting all of the business end of things organized and getting my office working efficiently!
  2. I am SO thrilled to share that I have found an album company that is a perfect fit for my style. Let me know what you all think!
  3. Enjoying a little bit of relaxation before the chaos hits (not that I really relax..I am kind of a workaholic)
  4. ractice Practice Practicing in all different lighting situations.
  5. Reading up, educating myself, and working on my personal training...never be ok with staying the same.
  6. Working on making a client's page for all couples who want my opinion about vendors, tips, and website to help plan the big day.
  7. Stocking up on new memory cards for Miley (my camera)
  8. Scouting out new locations for Engagements...I am always on the look out..if you know of any in or near Columbus PLEASE leave a comment below with suggestions :)

What can you do as an engaged couple to prepare?

  1. #1 hands down best advice I got, don't feel bad that you cannot please everyone, they will get over it (hopefully) and if they don't, oh well.. as you may have quickly figured out, weddings are all about you..but they are also for your friends and family..So what you don't care about as much, let others help and have input, but keep your top 3 priorities and stick to your guns. 
  2. Make time for just the two of you MINUS wedding talk..very important!
  3. With assembly line tasks, invite others to help you, make a night of always helps :)
  4. When I was a bride, I was SO ready to just be married, that I didn't put effort into some extra, am I still married, yes, but do I wish I could look back and get giddy over my wedding day...I kinda hate to admit.. that I do. So, having that said, if there is something that you REALLY want, try and make it work, you don't want any regrets!
  5. Communicate with your photographer, if something is going to be extra special (you splurged on some shoes or chavari chairs) whatever it is, let them know so they can document all of the best little details! If you are worried about something not turning out the way you want, let us know, we are there (at least I speak for myself) to make sure your day goes as smooth as possible!
  6. Don't over do it on Pinterest..while it is a great source for inspiration, it can drive a girl nuts! I don't know if not having Pinterest in my wedding was good or bad thing...still up for debate..

If you are attending some weddings this year, remember, don't give the couple a hard time if they don't do everything you want them to do, go with the flow and be excited for them on their big day! I always say, planning a wedding is like planning your own prom..times 10.. **CHEERS** to a fantastic and wonderful season of love!