Corrie and Nate's Columbus Wedding!! / by Angela Fortin Washington

I know this might sound like I am just being flattering, but these two has the sweetest vows I have ever heard exchanged between two people! They are so genuinely in love and it is contagious to everyone around them. It was a privilege to get to capture their big day. 

Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0004.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0005.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0006.jpg

Corrie got her hair and makeup done at my favorite salon, Virtue! It was crazy-town on Saturday! Luckily for Corrie, her maid of honor is also a fantastic stylist there!

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Back at Corrie's house, where all the girls were getting ready, one of her friends read her vows..I was almost in tears lol.

Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0011.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0012.jpg

As she was putting her bracelet on, she told me that her Grandma had made it for her, love when details are personal!

Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0013.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0014.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0015.jpg
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I couldn't have asked for better weather OR a better group of guys! They had a lot of fun with their portraits..maybe too much fun ;)

Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0050.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0051.jpg

Breathtaking..for real!

Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0027.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0028.jpg

This is the build-a-bear Nate made for Corrie that he used to propose :) He is in nursing school, hence the scrubs :)

Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0030.jpg

Corrie told me she was a Daddy's girl, so I knew we had to do a First Look for them :)

Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0048.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0049.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0052.jpg

Love it!

Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0017.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0018.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0019.jpg

One of my favorite parts of Corrie's vows, "Our story isn't one that you read about in fairytales, but it's ours, and I couldn't ask for anything else" I might have gotten a few words out of place, but still, adorable!

Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0020.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0021.jpg
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Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0025.jpg

My favorite group shot idea I have ever had :)

Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0026.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0031.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0032.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0033.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0034.jpg
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Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0037.jpg
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Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0042.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0043.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0046.jpg


Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0044.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0047.jpg
Columbus Wedding_Rustic_0045.jpg

Congrats to both families and, of course, the happy couple!!

Wedding Coordinator: Sarah Branscum

Flowers: Deb Rudy

Dress & Shoes: Wendy's Bridal, TOMS shoes

Hair and Make-Up: Virtue Vegan Salon- Teake Maguire

Caterer: Michelle Houston

Cake: Costco Bakery

Music: Meredith Rea, Rachael Meadows, Meghan Wolfe (Live Musicians)

DJ: Nash Buchbinder

Videographer: Mark Ellison

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