Vintage Edgy Styled Shoot : DIY Hair Chain & Makeup / by Angela Fortin Washington

In high school, I used to wear the most rediculous outfits, why you ask? Because I knew I would never be able to get away with wearing a corduroy highlighter yellow mini skirt with rainbow fishnets and teal high tops ever again..I told you, wierdo, right here. Now, I have to find more acceptable ways to dress up my wardrobe to be a little edgy, and accessories, I have found, are my friend :)

As seen on Pinterest, I have noticed the trend of wearing hair chains lately.. I thought, while things weren't too crazy, why not make one and have some fun styling one of my favorite models, Kristina? We were going for vintage with a little edge, I think they turned out pretty cute! It almost makes me wish I had some more hair do I could wear one myself, they are pretty fun.

DIY hair chain photo.jpg
DIY hair chain photo.jpg
Giovanni had to see what we were up to :)

Giovanni had to see what we were up to :)

edgy makeup photo 2.jpg

First, we covered her entire eyelid and arch with a neutral shadow. I used the color on the left of the palette from Maybilline NY, but you can use any color that is neutral to your skin color. This gives the eye a nice base color.

colorful makeup photo.jpg

For the rest of the colors, I used this palette, but unfortunately, I can't tell you exact colors since they have discontinued them. I used the two blues at the top and for the arch of her eye, I blended the gold (1st row, 2nd one down) and the pink to the right of it since I didn't have the orange I wanted. It ended up working out even better though!

DIY edgy makeup photo 3.jpg

I used the lighter blue on the entire lid and then smudged and blended the darker blue from the outer eye in and into her eye crease.  

DIY edgy makeup photo 4.jpg

To finish, I lined her upper lid with MAC's teal eyeliner pencil and went over just the eyelash line with MAC's black cream eyeliner (love that stuff!)..and of course mascara. This girls eyelashes are amazing, 100% natural!



vintage hair and makeup photo 1.jpg
vintage hair and makeup photo 2.jpg
vintage hair and makeup photo 3.jpg
vintage hair and makeup photo 4.jpg
vintage hair and makeup photo 5.jpg
vintage hair and makeup photo 6.jpg

The little stud earrings are from Forever 21, I just got them for $1.80!!

vintage hair and makeup photo 7.jpg


vintage hair and makeup photo 10.jpg
vintage ring photo.jpg

The shirt and ring are vintage finds and the skirt is from Cotton On.

vintage hair and makeup photo 11.jpg
DIY hair chain photo 8.jpg
vintage hair and makeup photo 13.jpg

I hope this was fun for all of you and inspired you express your inner-edge today!