Will It Rain On Your Wedding Day?! / by Angela Fortin Washington

Almost every Saturday, I pray for no rain for my weddings and for all weddings happening on that day..but let's face it, we don't always get so lucky. As a wedding photographer, inclement weather can make or break me, so knowing in advance what the day will look like effects my preparation a lot. Luckily, I can now be prepared thanks to one of my amazing brides, Julianna (she's an aviation meteorologist, how cool is that). She showed me this site that she and other weather experts trust most for a quick 7 day forecast. Everything you need to know up to a week in advance will be there from wind to rain to dew point ( I am not even sure what dew point is haha).

The website to check is NOAA.gov

will it rain on my wedding day.png

Type in your zip code or the zip of your venue and click GO...

Wedding day forecast.png

Here, you will find a fairly detailed 7 day forecast. For an hour by hour prediction, click the hourly weather graph in the bottom right.

rain on a wedding day.png

That bottom portion of the graph will show you when and how much rain is predicted per hour and let me tell you from experience, it is very accurate.

WIll it rain?.png

You can also get the app in the App Store on the iPhone :)


Luckily, the last two weddings that were predicted to have rain recently have turned beautiful, but if they hadn't I would have known to prepare for a more..creative approach. Hope your week is starting off beautiful. Come back Wednesday for an unbelievable wedding with a barefoot bride :)

Barefoot Bride.jpg