Learning, Growing, Sharing... / by Angela Fortin Washington

I remember last year around this time the exact feelings I had about my business...Will I ever make it? Do I want to speacilize or do it all? Will I ever understand the business end of things...Am I ever going to be as good as the photographers I look up to? And those are just a few of my overwhelmingly critical mind at the time. So a year later and a year wiser I have learned SO SO much..it is true that you get back whatever you put in..and boy did I put in the investment both financially and energy wise. Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you I don't still doubt myself, because I think I always will in some ways, but I have gotten a perspective that, if I really want to accomplish something, it can happen...I can find a way to learn, to get better..to GROW!

This wasn't on purpose, but I focused on a cotton weed fuzzy and I found it really amusing...I know, easily amused!

This wasn't on purpose, but I focused on a cotton weed fuzzy and I found it really amusing...I know, easily amused!

So what am I getting at with all of this babbling? Well, I am shooting a wedding this weekend (my dream wedding to shoot) and I will be using a second shooter for the first time..that's right, this girl has been doin it solo..not sure how sometimes, but I have. I am lucky enough to have met another photographer who was right were I was just a year ago and as we met and talked about our businesses, a few different things came to mind. 1. As much as I have to learn yet, I have absorbed much more than I realized. 2. Teaching is something I really enjoy because I have learned so much from others that it would be a shame to keep it all to myself. 3.I realized just how many mistakes I had made, and how they have shaped me into a better photographer. 4. Without realizing it, I have started to become the photographer and person that I have always wanted to be, someone who wasn't afraid to give and someone who is driven and consistent.

Just some things for me to think about and I felt like sharing with the inter-webs :) Here are some pictures I took of Cameron after our meeting as I was explaining my shooting style/technique..this guy is very talented and I am glad I will have him on my team Saturday!


I am hoping by the time summer is over I will be able to offer some one on one training or a small workshop..we will see how it goes though :)