Memorial Day 2013 / by Angela Fortin Washington

Today, as it is every Memorial Day,

is grey with lots of chances to rain....a sorrowful reminder of all of those who gave their lives so that we can still be here. Although I don't personally know anyone who has lost their life in battle, but I do have several friends and family members who have served and are serving in the military currently. I am not going to claim I think a lot about what these people have done for me all the time, but I do want to honor them, if at least for today..because who knows what our world would be like without people willing to give up their lives to protect something greater..there is no full way I can thank them.

So today isn't just another Monday off work, it's a moment of silence and a reminder to celebrate the freedom that we have been given at such a costly price. I am spending time with my family and honoring life out of respect for those willing to give up their own for my sake.