It's the Little Things / by Angela Fortin Washington

Pretty much from the first email I received from Grace, I knew we were going to get along, let's face it, we both love food (what else is there to talk about?!) But once I met her and her fiancé Derek, I got even more excited to work with these two- some people are just so perfect for each other! As we were planning their engagements, we talked about their first house and how sentimental of a place it is for the two of them, specifically the kitchen. So, before they move in a few weeks, I couldn't resist getting some shots of them cooking together!

These types of photos are some of my favorites, people being people and loving life together.

kitchen couple shots_0099.jpg
kitchen couple shots_0100.jpg
kitchen couple shots_0101.jpg
kitchen couple shots_0103.jpg

Have a fabulous day!