The new addition to my office! / by Angela Fortin Washington

I know not everyone is as nerdy about new products as I am, but when I find an amazing company that provides me with a quality product, amazing customer service, and for a great price... well, I get a little excited! I met the ladies from Artsy Couture when I was in Vegas at my WPPI conference, and I am so glad I ran into them, because I love their products! Specifically, their canvas wraps. Believe me when I say this- not all canvas prints are created equal!

There are three things I suggest looking for when you are getting a canvas made. 

1. Do they use a UV coating to protect the canvas from the color fading over time?

2. Quality of printing- does the image look clear and do the colors match what you see on your computer?

           TIP: You can usually tell the quality of color printing when you look at black and white canvas prints- if they have a tint to them that wasn't there before, there is your sign.

3. Is the frame constructed well? Does the back look unfinished and is it easy to hang?

Let me tell you, Artsy passes with flying colors on all three accounts, they even give you the little padded stickers to protect your wall and keep your canvas from sliding around! Looking forward to working with this company for a long time.

What do you think?! It doesn't hurt that Anna was a beautiful bride!

angela fortin snyder canvas wrap

Looking forward to Michele and Varun's wedding tomorrow! Come back next week to see how it went!