Liz & Adam's Destination Wedding Lake Michigan! / by Angela Fortin Washington

I am very lucky to say I have some of the most joyful and amazing couples that I get to photograph every year. Liz & Adam are for sure one of them, as I know you will see in their images! They're playful and sweet energy is infectious and their wedding day was full of excitement and overwhelming support. Liz's Mom was there to walk her down the isle, Grandmas and Grandpas were kissed, ladies were twirled and everyone had an amazing time celebrating and eating delicious food in this super cool venue. Take a little peak into their perfect day, it was so hard to narrow it down!

Umm, can we talk about this dress and these details?! the Groom's Den..

Groom on point!

But the bride.. Liz, you were perfect!!! The dress, the flowers, and that smile!

And then the first time Adam sees his bride and Liz, her Groom!

I have no words...

I asked the couple if they wanted to do something fun and this is what they come up with. Since Liz says she is always running late and Adam waits on her, haha I love it!

Perfect colors and beautiful women!

And just like that, it was time to get these two hitched...

This next image made me almost cry: for her Mom, giving away her little girl, for Liz, taking in the reality of this amazing moment, and Adam, waiting for his bride in the background..


Time to get the party started!

This had me laughing so hard! The anticipation of what they will do!!

Grooms like to be twirled too, right Adam?!

I love when people do special dances during the reception, this one was so cute, they had an entire dance to Meghan Trainor's "Mom" 

It was so pretty in Michigan, I had to go out for a few more portraits!

Let's just say, this was pretty fun..

On my way out, saying my goodbye to the newlyweds, they said, "Can we just have one more picture?!" and I was happy to oblige! 

Thanks again ADAM & LIZ and everyone who made this trip and day a great one for us!