Molly & Jesse's Destination Engagement in the Denver mountains / by Angela Fortin Washington

When someone has been your best friend for as long as Molly has been, you find yourself somewhere between "words are not enough" and "I've said it all before" It's hard to think anyone deserves the people you are closest too, but these two are equally deserving of the other and these images definitely show that!

Getting to go to Denver for this session has been a dream of mine, and I can't wait to share some of my favorites!!! Tim and I scoped out this spot the day before but what we weren't able to see before we got there that day, ended up being my favorite images from the shoot!

An abandoned log cabin in the woods!!!! Thank goodness we weren't equipped to go on the trail we originally had planned! Tim encouraged us to check it out anyway and I am so glad he did!

Jesse and Molly have been remodeling their home and love to do DIY projects together, so this was truly a great representation of them.

Can you tell we were having too much fun?

This is what happens when your fiance says, "I dare you!"

Then off to find the perfect branch for the ring shot..this Sapphire is just stunning! I actually got to secretly help him pick it out.

Afterward we caravanned back to Hotel Teatro where we took a few more on our balcony and at the bar downstairs. I guess high altitude was the theme for our trip!

Overall amazing trip! More from my personal side of the trip coming soon! Congrats you two, and thank you for taking us along for the ride!