A Romantic Date in Grandview / by Angela Fortin Washington

After talking with these two over FaceTime I knew we had to make their session very natural and fun, as if I was witnessing a real date and just happen to get some photos along the way. If you are from anywhere near my hometown (and theirs) you probably know about Stauf's Coffee on Grandview Avenue.  In school, this was a frequent spot for my couple and I thought it would make a great location for their time with me this week. Nostalgia always wins for me when it comes to location ideas. I am so glad Lauren & Andrew were able to make it to Columbus (from Chicago) for us to get a little practice in before the Spring!   

Can't you smell the coffee beans now???!

We grabbed a game and headed outside to enjoy the unusually nice February afternoon!

They even brought their own game from home to play...could they be any sweeter?

Afterward, we headed over to one of my first locations ever shooting and a hidden little woods, Tarpe where we found an awesome surprise!!!! 

And if we didn't get nostalgic enough... we found this... we don't know who made it, but they had a pretty nice setup! How amazing to find this if you were young? And let's face it, we are all still kids at heart right?!

Cheers to these wonderful humans! Can't wait to see you at soon!