Maggie & George's Classic Hilton Netherlands Wedding / by Angela Fortin Washington

Hands down one of the best celebrations I have witnessed! Maggie & George spared nothing to ensure their wedding day included all of the people they love so much- friends and family from all over came to the Hilton Netherlands in Cincinnati to celebrate the joining of these two people. This was my first completely Jewish ceremony and it did not disappoint. I love learning new traditions and how they differ and are similar to each other. 

If anyone knows these two, they know these three things: 1. They don't settle: with their wedding day or with their choice of partner! 2. The people they choose to surround themselves with and their families are of the utmost importance to them. 3. They ADORE each other and are best friends. Knowing all of this, it is no surprise to me that for years to come people will be talking about this day!

Enjoy some of my favorites of amazing hotel and timeless wedding day....

These of course, the bridal robes!

She's a bride! And a classic first look with Dad before heading to see her groom!

Then off to the Tulip Room where they signed their Jewish marriage contract, the Ketubah. My first one ever..

I am always on the lookout for something different when I go to a wedding.. little gifts or details that I can share with other couples or something that is just unique that I've never gotten to photograph. Like I said before, this was my first official Jewish wedding and this Ketubah signing was my first. From what I gathered from the Rabbi was that the marriage contract is usually printed or scripted onto a beautiful piece of paper so that the couple would want to display it in their home or bedroom to remember the vows they took on their wedding day. Maggie found the most beautiful cut paper for her and George's contract and I fell in love with it. Even if you do not have a Jewish wedding, this idea would be beautiful for printed vows that were exchanged during the ceremony!

The common Jewish phrase "L'Chaim!" Literally translates to "to life" you might have heard it during a wedding or celebratory toast. Well that word Chiam-life is the tattoo that so perfectly fit in between the lace of Maggie's gown...quite appropriate if you ask me!

These two amazing ladies and co maids of honor came up with a version of "Hey Jude" and switched out the lyrics.. they had the entire room swaying and singing along.."nah nah nah nana nanahhh nana nanahhh nana nanahhh The Shiekhsssss!' An awesome surprise for the bride and groom and all of the guests!

The band had the crowd going all night! From George's Grandma getting down on the dance floor, Maggie's grandparents stomping their feet to some folk music, to the Father of the Groom getting up with the band to sing some songs...I can say it was definitely a night to remember! Thanks for everyone involved in making this day possible and a huge congrats to Maggie and George on their big day!

BAND | The Chuck Taylors