Alison and Jeff's German Villiage Engagment Session / by Angela Fortin Washington

I've gotten to be a part of this couple's story for a couple years now, and I am so happy to see them entering this new phase in their love. You might recognize them from some adorable family sessions with this little beauty:

German Villiage Engagement_0030.jpg

But this weekend, it was all about the two of them.

When we discussed engagements initially, we talked about walking around German Villiage, but I had no idea that is where Alison's grandparents used to live when she was growing up. Coming from someone who also grew up very attached to their grandparents, I know that these shots near their house means so much more than just photos, it brings back so much nostalgia and love. And Alison, even though I didn't know them, I know if they were here to see you, they would be so proud of the beautiful woman and mother you are today (not to mention your choice of fiance). These are the things that make my job so wonderful, and I am so grateful to be a part of them.

Without further ado, check out some of my favorites from the day! We had to stop in and get some bear claws..and it makes Jeff very happy (note that the second photo was taken more out of my own humor than trying to be artsy, you gotta have fun on shoots!

German Villiage Engagement_0032.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0031.jpg
But seriously, check out her ring!!! Love it!

But seriously, check out her ring!!! Love it!

German Villiage Engagement_0036.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0037.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0035.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0038.jpg


German Villiage Engagement_0040.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0051.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0041.jpg
Alison, you are beautiful.

Alison, you are beautiful.

German Villiage Engagement_0043.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0044.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0045.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0046.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0047.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0048.jpg
German Villiage Engagement_0050.jpg
All done!!!

All done!!!

Hope you're having a great start to your week while we all wait for the warm Spring weather to begin!