Backing Up Your Files guest post / by Angela Fortin Washington

Hi everyone!

Backing up your files is far more important than most people think. And sadly, it’s one of the most ignored parts of taking care of your computer. For most people, there are hundreds of photos and videos that can never be replaced that exist only on the hard drive of their computer. If that hard drive ever fails – something that’s more common than most people think – all of those photos and videos will be gone, possibly forever. You can pay for an expensive recovery service to get them back for you, but even that isn’t guaranteed. If you take some simple and easy steps to back up those files, you won’t have to worry about this happening to you.


Here are two simple options for backing up your computer:


Crashplan is the service that Angela and I use. It’s well priced (plans range from $3/month to $14/month), easy to use, secure, and we can back up as much data to this as we want. Crashplan offers a free 30 day trial for their online service.


Mozy has offerings that are very similar to Crashplan, but they offer one thing that Crasphlan doesn’t: a free plan for online backup. This plan will only let you back up 2GB of data, but it’s absolutely better than doing no backups at all, and it’s hard to argue with the price. If the free plan isn’t enough for you, the other two plans cost $6/month for 50GB of data and $10/month for 125 GB of data.

Side note: If you are using a PASS gallery that Angela uses to deliver her photos, those files will be safely backed up for up to ten years even though they are only visible for one year (unless upgraded).

Once you pick one of these services, you can download the backup software and you’ll be asked what you want to back up. Just select all of the folders with data that you can’t replace, set a backup schedule (I find that backing up at night works best if you leave your computer on all of the time), and you’re good to go!

How to Rock Your Engagement Session Tips & Tricks!

Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Let this photoshoot be something you really just enjoy together and let's have some fun! Here are my best tips and tricks to making your engagement photoshoot the best it can be.

Brittany & Andrew's Chilly Walk Through Scioto Audubon Park (engagement)

We may have ended the session with frozen fingers, but it wasn't due to the lack of warmth between these two people. Since they booked over the phone, the Audubon Park was the first place we all actually got to meet. Right away I felt an ease with them, I loved Brittany's choice to wear a red dress (especially in March with everything not quite blooming and still frosted from winter) and I could tell they had so much respect for one another. When I asked them what they love about their relationship, they both said they appreciated the other's loyalty. We started off our session with a little something to keep them warm, my favorite, tea by the water.

A Kitty Lover's Engagement at Rockmill Brewery & Home

It's not too often I get the request to capture cat families, but when Kristin & Harmon invited me to their home to start their session with their five (yes, five) kitties, I was in for the adventure. These two have a unique kind of love and style that makes them so much fun to hang out with. Anytime a couple is comfortable with each other, it makes my job so easy..they laugh like I'm not there and don't shy away from snuggling up in front of the camera. I was expecting the cats, but what I didn't know was Kristin had set up an whole studio for us to shoot in their basement-eccentric and very them..and it was perfect. The more you get into personalizing your session, the more comfortable you are and the more personal the images feel.