Rock Your Wedding: Beautiful Tablescape Tips / by Angela Fortin Washington

 One of the many details of a wedding that can cause stress- your table settings, centerpieces, and chairs. Let's be real, most couples enter into these decisions not having any experience with deciding what table settings or decorations should look like, especially when they are making them without seeing everything already put together beforehand. So, considering I've been to a "few" weddings, here are my quick tips for having beautiful tables to fit your event:

1. The more full your tables look, the better!!!

This is the best advice I can give anyone! It makes for better photos, plain and simple. If you ever want your wedding to be published on a blog or magazine, they always want great table setting shots!!! You might be thinking, ok, well we are having a buffet or we don't have the budget to go all out on centerpieces, well here are my shortcuts..


If you are having a buffet, set the table anyway. Either leave their plate at the table (your guests will figure out that they need to bring it to the food! Also, leaving your wedding favors on the table is a great idea. In the tables below, having a colored or patterned square of fabric (or something comparable) is a great way to make your simple centerpieces pop.

Colorful table markers are also a great way to add interest to your tablescapes

Colorful table markers are also a great way to add interest to your tablescapes

Colored or patterned tablecloths bring a uniqueness to your tables and also make the tables appear to be more full. LOVE them! Still waiting for someone to use the new sequined tablecloths!

Navy and Orange Summer Wedding_0113.jpg

On top of having different tablecloths, the wedding below also saved by having every other table have tall centerpieces instead of every table-those things can add up quick!!

Navy and Orange Summer Wedding_0111.jpg

If you are going for a more backyard or rustic feel, getting natural wood tables with different kinds of chairs also provides character without you having to do a lot of work on the tables.

Navy and Orange Summer Wedding_0114.jpg

If you have a smaller flower budget-or you just aren't big flower people, having a lantern or interesting bottles (or whatever your theme/style is for your wedding) in the center with just some tealights and petals around it make your tables look visually full without costing hundreds of dollars! Also, once your guests have their food and purses on the table, they won't take up too much room!

Navy and Orange Summer Wedding_0115.jpg

Table runners are a great option if your venue already provides table cloths. 

The table below used coffee beans as stabilizers for their candles and pine cones to help their guests post pictures to post to instagram. Pinecones are a great and easy way to decorate for fall/winter weddings. Love the bottles they used as well.

If you don't like the idea of runners, simple sheer overlays also look nice

Here is a couple of bonus ideas for your tables:

If you are having guests sit at their tables during the ceremony (meaning the ceremony and reception are in the same room) having a plate of something delicious like cupcakes is a nice touch while they wait for everything to start!!! I know I'd appreciate it!

Just love these creative table numbers with elements from the wedding!

Navy and Orange Summer Wedding_0120.jpg

If you don't want to go all out on bows or sashes for every chair, making having them on just your head table or your sweethearts table is an elegant way to save some money! For these bows, they used vintage jewelry (these two were clip on earrings tucked into the knots)

Ok, so let's summerize

-set the table as much as possible

-colored tablecloths

-unique items and flower petals can be used as alternative centerpieces to just bouquets

-always think of the feel of your wedding and let that guide your choices!!!

If you did something else that made your tables just right, leave a comment below and share! Hope this is helpful for all of you planning your event!!!!

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