Alternatives to Dancing at a Wedding Reception / by Angela Fortin Washington

The inspiration for this post

was due to the wedding I just shot this weekend. The bride told me ahead of time that they weren't big on dancing and that they would have some alternative activities instead. I have never been to a wedding without dancing but it got me thinking, a lot of people don't really care for dancing (or don't like the music picked for the wedding) what can couples plan to entertain their guests?!  

I am not claiming to be an expert about this, and if anyone had some great ideas, please leave them in the comments so others can benefit from your knowledge :)  Here are some ideas that I found/thought of and that my couple had at their wedding on Saturday.


These were little books that I just loved that every table had on them with different questions. I love this idea because it gives each guest a chance to share wisdom and help support the couple. Some other questions were "What should our kids names be?" and "Where do you see us in five years?" If gives your guests a chance to write something funny or spark some fun dinner table conversations :) How fun would it be to be on your honeymoon and read these together? Maybe in the car or plane ride?


This is a new one for me, it is called  THE SHOE GAME..and you can CLICK HERE to have it more fully explained, but I just thought it was so much fun! Each person gets one of the other's shoes and someone asks questions that requires them answering themselves, their significant other, or both. You hold up the corresponding shoe for your answer. This can get pretty funny depending on the questions. It gets the crowd involved and laughing and that is never a bad thing :) A variation could be to have guests come up with some of the questions to ask the couple, probably even funnier!

I have a bride this summer that will be having playing cards by the bar for all of her guests to play at the table since they are not very big dancers. I think it is a great idea! Maybe even having the couple's favorite card game with rules on the table would be a cute personal touch? You can order personalized playing cards and games HERE.  You can have a photo or photos on the cards of the couple when they were little or something that matches the theme?

Playing poker or fun "gambling" games would also be a great idea. You don't have to play for real money, just bragging rights. The couple can personalize the "chips"  to match their theme? My family plays a game called "Penny Ante" and you bet with pennies and the game is simple to get in and out of which makes it easy for kids to play and easy to take a break and get some cake or mingle.

You could hire a caricature artist or a magician to come and entertain guests and kids? 

It is very popular now to have a photo booth of some sort and I think this is a great idea! either one that prints it out right away, or a white screen with a big prop for people to go and take pictures themselves or have a self-timed point and shoot on a tripod. This always gets guests laughing and having a good time. 

If you are a couple that is into literature and poetry, it would be cute to have a few pieces of pretty paper at each table and instructions on how to write a haiku so your guests could write you poems :) If some are good or funny, you could put them into your wedding album.  If you really get into it, you can put a thesaurus with it on the table..or pick a topic for each table to write about!...I hope someone does this!

You can rent games like foosball and guitar hero for people to congregate around as well, get crazy with it haha..corn hole anyone?

So ends my "great" ideas for now, maybe I will post more when creativity strikes next. Again, if you have an idea, please share below in the comments!