2 DIY Wedding Sashes & Matching Flower Girl Belt! / by Angela Fortin Washington

I know bows aren't always in the forefront of your mind when you're planning a wedding, but that's why it's a good time to think about it now, instead of on your wedding day! Everyone takes time to practice their bustling skills (hopefully!) before the wedding day, so why not also figure out how you want your sash tied on your dress? First, I will show you the square knot, then we will get into the tutorial for your DIY bow sash!


1. Cross your sash left over right  2. Now take what is now the left arm of the sash and tuck it under and up  3. Pull tight  4. Make a the shape of a four with your left piece 


5. Here is the only tricky move..pull the leg of that four through the hole in the "4" shape

TIP:The piece of the "4" will stay down, so make sure it is a little shorter than your other piece.


Now, when you pull it tight, it stays tied in a pretty square with the two ends dangling evenly on both sides. This is a great alternative if your dress isn't as frilly or you just don't like traditional bows. The thicker the sash, the more perfect the "square" looks. I use this knot for my pea coat tie.

Now, for the tiffany blue DIY sparkly sash. You could use this for your wedding dress for a pop of color, or for a bridesmaid accessory. Alternatively, you can just use white ribbon if you prefer that look.


I only used these two ribbons from Michaels: The sparkly one has a strip on the back that you peel so you can stick it to whatever you want.

First, cut the silk ribbon a little bigger than you will need for your bow (keep in mind that this bow will be smaller when you fold it over.

2. Peel the bling ribbon and stick the middle down first.


3. Then, one side at a time, push the sticky ribbon down as you curl it a little with your fingers to make sure when you fold it, it won't wrinkle.

4. Glue gun the back of your piece  in the middle.  5. One at a time, glue your ends together on the back.


When you're done with that, this is what it should look like from the side.  5. Then make a smaller piece to be the middle of your bow, just like you did the big one, making sure to curl it as you press the bling ribbon down onto the silk one.  6. Next, pre fold the center so you know where to glue it.


First press the middle down, then fold the sides over on the back.


7. Cut a ribbon that is the right length for you, keeping in mind that you will have to tie this in the back.  8. Glue the bow to your belt, making sure the insides of the bow are sticking nicely to the base.


And Voila!!!


To make your matching belt for your flower girl or bridesmaids, just use a smaller ribbon of the same color. 1. Make and glue a loop with your ribbon. 2. Cut the sparkly ribbon down to 2 rows and repeat steps from the bigger bow!


Now here is my secret for keeping ribbon ends from fraying!!!!!!!!! 

Put a small amount of hot glue along the end of the ribbon about a cm wide. Now, spread it flat with the tip of the glue gun so it's not bumpy. Once dry, cut the ribbon in the middle of the hot glued area. YAY no frays!


The next one I made all the flowers for, and has a rustic look.  You can search tutorials on fabric flowers on Pinterest if you want to make your own. Or, you can just buy some at the craft store that you like ( you will still save money over buying it pre-made). I used old ribbing (used in upholstery for finishing edges and corners (find this at JoAnns). They made wonderful flowers.


To add pretty centers to your flowers, you can use old earrings from the thrift store or your junk drawer. Just put a dab of glue on the stick part, and stick it into the center.


Hope these ideas inspire you and you are having a wonderful week!