Easter Bunny Nests: DIY Treats / by Angela Fortin Washington

To change things up, I thought I'd get festive and make something for Easter! Thankfully, my Mom is always prepared to make Rice Krispies treats, not to mention the endless supply of mini cadbury eggs, so I didn't have to go to the store for ingredients! Because Mini Cadbury eggs are one of my favorite Easter treats, of course I was going to find a way to use as many as I could get away with! 

Pinterest_Easter treats.jpg

Seriously, I need to be in a mini-cadbury eggs recovery group...


Just make the Rice Krispies according to the box.


Stir until the marshmallows melt the butter...ymmmmm


Add Krispies while stirring...it gets a little sticky here :)


We added sprinkles to be festive.


ANNNDD of course I had to taste it for quality control!!!


Then, shape with your hands the nests and add the eggs! I put a little more purple sprinkles on the top for extra festiveness :)


And enjoy!!

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Hands down one of the best celebrations I have witnessed! Maggie & George spared nothing to ensure their wedding day included all of the people they love so much- friends and family from all over came to the Hilton Netherlands in Cincinnati to celebrate the joining of these two people. This was my first completely Jewish ceremony and it did not disappoint. I love learning new traditions and how they differ and are similar to each other. 

If anyone knows these two, they know these three things: 1. They don't settle: with their wedding day or with their choice of partner! 2. The people they choose to surround themselves with and their families are of the utmost importance to them. 3. They ADORE each other and are best friends. Knowing all of this, it is no surprise to me that for years to come people will be talking about this day!