The One Easy Tip You Wouldn't Think of to Improve Your Wedding Photos / by Angela Fortin Washington

I know this is may sound a little silly, but this tip will dramatically change the way your first kiss looks in your photo...AND it is the easiest tip! HERE IT IS...

Whether you are the bride or the photographer, ask your officiant right before you share your first kiss, to step to the side. Not that your first kiss is ruined if you don't do this (because no matter what, it's a special moment), but instead of having a person's head right behind you and your spouse kissing, you can have a clean backdrop.


Hope this helps, and that you all are enjoying the weather finally warming up!

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When I first began shooting weddings, I searched tirelessly to find the perfect album company. I wanted something that everyone would like, that had reliable customer service, great prices, and quality product. Sounds easy, right?!! Wrong! Until I went to WPPI and saw Miller's Lab at the expo. They changed the game for me. It was easy to use and upload orders, They delivered beautiful products that my clients love, and the turnaround time is unheard of, sometimes only a week from order to delivery! Wow! 

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I know not everyone is as nerdy about new products as I am, but when I find an amazing company that provides me with a quality product, amazing customer service and for a great price... well, I get a little excited! I met the ladies from Artsy Couture when I was in Vegas at my WPPI conference, and I am so glad I ran into them, because I love their products! Specifically, their canvas wraps. Believe me when I say this- not all canvas prints are created equal! 

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I was inspired by all of my amazing clients to do something to show my appreciation for sharing their lives with me and helping me to do what I love and call it a job. So, we had a spa day at Virtue Salon on Sunday and it was so much fun! These couples are more than just clients to me, I consider them friends, and it was great to catch up and hear about everything that has been happening in their lives, new houses, new pets, their honeymoon, and their plans to start a family.