3 Keys to Choosing the Perfect Photos for an Album / by Angela Fortin Washington

 If you are like most people, you don't typically have to pick from a hundred or hundreds of photos in order to create a photo album. Since this is something that most of my clients purchase with their photos, I wanted to share these four simple tips.

1. You want to choose images that tell a story. If you have three similar photos you love, consider which ones really show off the reason behind what was being photographed. Think of it like you were a stranger to who or what was in the photographs and the only way to know them was to look at this album. Afterall, don't we all want these photos to last generations and maintain our memories?! It might be tempting to simply choose pictures of people, but detail shots are just as important to the story as well as the overall look for an album. 

How to design an album 1

2. Choose images that are different in crop and subject matter. This might be the #1 mistake people make when selecting photos. It is easy to love a lot of portraits with the bride and groom looking at the camera, but without variety, the spreads look a little lack luster and take away from the magic. Example, this spread below lacks visual interest. The colors blend together at the edges.

How to design an album 2

On the images below, I would only select one since they are looking at the camera on all three and have a similar crop.

Tip inside a tip: If you are only choosing one black and white image that fits with all color images, it might not be the best choice visually. Sometimes this cannot be helped, but keep in mind which images might go together in a spread. Also, larger group photos that would need to take up more of the page in order to see everyone should also be cautioned to not be repeated. Example spread below:

How to design an album 3

3. Lastly, don't feel guilty about certain photos being included or not included. Say there are two great pictures of you and your Mom, don't feel like you NEED to choose both in fear of hurting someone's feelings. It's ok to not want ALL of the family photos in your book, just pick the ones YOU want!

Quick review:

-Choose photos that are DIFFERENT in color, texture, and pose!

-Pick images that tell a story!

-Don't let guilt choose images for you.


Good Luck!