Makeup Starter Guide: Made Easy! / by Angela Fortin Washington

I must preface this post by saying I am no pro

at this, but I have had a lot of practice, and I can tell you I know what looks good in camera..and hopefully that counts for something. Whether you wear makeup everyday or not at all, when you are getting photographed, makeup is always encouraged (at least by me) and this is why: When you get photographed, things that once seemed noticeable by your very sensitive and complex eye, gets simplified in camera, especially when there is a lot of light. If you don't believe me, take a picture on your phone and compare! Those great lashes you have all of a sudden don't look as prominent...oh no! This can be a good thing as far as wanting certain blemishes to fade away, but not when our good features go with them! Therefore, I have broken down the basics for both a 5 MINUTE look and a little bit more elaborate night-out look. Product list will all be at the bottom of the post.


The image on the left is without anything, then on the right, I had just applied all over the eye area Mac's eyeshadow primer cream. Notice how it evens out the color of the lid? This stuff is seriously magic, no creases all day in your shadow and it helps everything go on smooth. If it is good enough to keep my makeup on for a 12-hour wedding, I think it can survive anything!

The color I get of the primer is on the left "Painterly" Then I use a shimmery light pink as my base and finish with a Bare Minerals light yellow powder called lemonade for my highlights.  After all that, I complete the look with a cateye and mascara, or just mascara. For me personally, when I do a cateye, I only apply mascara to the outer half of my lashes (not the section closest to your tear ducts) to enhance the look.


The cateye can be tricky. I use the shape of my eyelid and just extend it out to create the classic cateye look. I never put a thick line all the way across, just from the corner of the wispy part and then progressively thinner to the middle of the lid. When your eye is open, the tallest part of the wisp will slightly lower than the tallest part of your eyelid. 


Now for my Peacock Eye

for the more dramatic and adventurous makeup wearer!

First: Cover your eye with the primer and then base color (in this case the same pink as above)


THEN--  add gold to the entire lid..


THEN, add your medium color, in this case it's my pink/purple MAC shadow


THEN--time for your highlights, I used my lemonade color for this look too. This brightens your eyes up and makes you look alert and awake. The highlight under the brow is especially nice for contouring your eye.


Finally, add your deep shadow, I used a super dark MAC purple shadow. To figure out where to put this color, I suggest opening your eye and then moving the brush back and forth inside your natural crease line. After you have that starting point, I also add a little above the crease so when your eye is open you can see the shadow. 


To finish off the look is used my teal liner from MAC all the way across the lid and under lid and then ever so finely used Almay liquid brown liner right along the top lashes. You may also notice I darkened her eyebrows to fill in the parts that aren't uniform. Most people have patches in their eyebrows, and filling these in can make all the difference in photos!!!!!!! I will probably post about it sometime haha.


And then here is the Look!!!!!! 


Products I use:

  • MAC shadow primer "Painterly"
  • MAC Shadow-Dark Purple "Shadowy Lady", Medium Pink/Purple "Cranberry", Light Pink Base Shadow "", Gold "Amber Lights"
  • Eyeliner- MAC black cream liner, Almay brown liquid liner, and MAC "Minted" teal liner
  • "Lemonade" Bare Minerals powder
  • I recommend Almay "Smart-Shade" to anyone who wants a light skin cover that has SPF and won't break the bank. 
  • Smith's Rosebud Salve...nothing is better than this lip balm..nothing.. 

Hope this was helpful and gives you some inspiration! Special thanks to my good friend Kristina who is always a fabulous model :) Have a great weekend! 

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