My Perfect Client..Amongst Other Things / by Angela Fortin Washington

So, I have been reading

other photographer's blogs for a while now, and I have learned so much! I look up to a lot of those photographers and I've noticed something that, even though they are all different, they all aim to do one thing- brand themselves through their online presence, what they blog about, the photos they show, and the amount of personal information they share..all of this, so they can attract the perfect client for them. This may sound odd at first but hear me out. Why wouldn't it be most beneficial, not only for the photographer, but also the couple, to have a photographer that loves their personality and wedding and that gets what they are looking for? On the flip side, if we (photographers) just take any and every client we can and just because we can, we may be doing a disservice to that client. If you know you are not going to mesh well with each other, than it may not be a great idea to hire them or take them on. Let's face it, not getting along with your photographer usually means feeling uncomfortable, and when you are uncomfortable, let's face it, we don't look our best. But enough ramblings about why, I thought I would share my findings when it comes to me and my business and the kind of clients I seem to attract (and are ideal for me)

  1. Almost all the people who end up liking me use smiley faces and exclamations more than periods in their correspondence with me..which, if you know me, I do ALL the time haha
  2. I love brides who are familiar with what I do and trust me with their photography. I always ask a ton of questions to make sure I am going to give you a product that you will love, and it makes my life so much easier when a client has faith that I will do a great job! 
  3. Grooms that are willing to do anything to make their fiance happy and have fun with the photos.
  4. Couple's who can, at the end of the day, see me as a friend and not just another vendor! That is my favorite :)
  5. People who can handle my personality, I am a little corky and sometimes I get a little excited..if you can't handle having that personality around you, we are probably not a good fit, ask any of my clients, they will tell you.
  6. Last but not least, a couple who is really in love and just enjoys being around each other...because you can't fake that connection, especially in photos. (unless you are Tyra Banks or something haha). 
Clark Engagement_0103.jpg
Love your photographer.jpg

If you are in the market for a photographer, any kind of photographer, make sure you not only like their work, but you like THEM too! It will make your life so much easier in the end! Hope all of your weeks are starting off beautifully!

How to Rock Your Engagement Session Tips & Tricks!

Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Let this photoshoot be something you really just enjoy together and let's have some fun! Here are my best tips and tricks to making your engagement photoshoot the best it can be.

Brittany & Andrew's Chilly Walk Through Scioto Audubon Park (engagement)

We may have ended the session with frozen fingers, but it wasn't due to the lack of warmth between these two people. Since they booked over the phone, the Audubon Park was the first place we all actually got to meet. Right away I felt an ease with them, I loved Brittany's choice to wear a red dress (especially in March with everything not quite blooming and still frosted from winter) and I could tell they had so much respect for one another. When I asked them what they love about their relationship, they both said they appreciated the other's loyalty. We started off our session with a little something to keep them warm, my favorite, tea by the water.