How To Rock Your Wedding: Money $avers (Part 2) / by Angela Fortin Washington

Welcome to Part 2 of money savers!

As I have mentioned before, I think prioritizing where you want to spend your money is so important in not spending more than you have to and not going crazy on your wedding day! Here are a few more tips on how to save a bundle!!  Here are five more ideas..

#1. Your Gown! 

Now I know this is a non-option for some to go cheaper on the dress, but just hear me out, just in case! When you put "wedding" on anything at the store, the price automatically goes up..and you dress is no different. That's why buying a white evening gown or a white bridesmaid dress is a fantastic option and can usually get you something fabulous (and sometimes more comfortable) for way less! Just ask if the bridesmaid dresses come in ivory..most do! Check out Meghan's evening gown that looked stunning on her! 


#2. Bouquets

Let's face it, your bridal bouquet is the most important of all of them, so it is ok if you spend the most on will see it in the most photos as well! You can do this by going with a really simple bouquet for your bridesmaids and possibly even skip the boys boutonnieres (dare I say it!)  Julianna did this, and I thought it was a very smart choice! Choosing flowers that are in season is also a big help when it comes to cost!

save money on flowers.jpg

#3. Dessert

Having a wedding cake these days can really break the bank. Here are two options that I think are great ways to save in this area. First, if you really do want a cake, get the most plain one you can and then decorate it yourself with flowers or whatever your theme is that you have. Also, the biggest money sucker when it comes to cakes is getting fondant..this stuff is expensive, and if you have a good bakery, they can achieve the same (and better tasting) effect with smooth buttercream frosting. Secondly, if you are not attached to having a cake, ask some of the best bakers you know that want to help with your wedding and have them make a batch of some of your favorite treats! By providing the trays and stands for display, you can insure you get a uniform look with the rest of your wedding. Doing this can save you hundreds of dollars and give your guests that wanted to help out something to do to feel like a part of your day! Julie and Ivan made their table even more fun by having old family photos of their grandparents eating their cake on their wedding day. 

dessert table.jpg

#4. Booze

Having an open bar (depending on the crowd) can break the bank, that is why I love the idea of having a few specialty drinks at cocktail hour. That way, when they are gone, you don't have to worry about crazy uncle Harry drinking top shelf Scotch and getting a crazy bill at the end of the night.  Plus, having you and your honey's favorite drink gives you an opportunity to share something personal with your guests. I loved how Anna and Jarod had a honey and rosemary adult lemonade to go with their honey themed wedding..and yes, it was as delicious as it looks!!

specialty drinks.jpg

#5. Place Cards

I was just in love with Trevor and Katie's paper airplane cards! Such an adorable idea and so easy to do!


Again, I hope this was helpful and have a great start to your week! 

How to Rock Your Wedding: Wedding Day Prep

Today is such an odd feeling, all morning I was with my cousin Shelby and our family while we were preparing for her wedding later today, and I have to keep reminding myself that "I AM NOT WORKING" I am probably annoying asking so many questions and thinking about all the things I would be doing if it was my wedding I was shooting. It inspired me though to post about some things that are almost always going on behind the scenes on a wedding day. Here are the DOS and DON'TS (in my opinion).

How To Rock Your Wedding: Money $avers (Part 1)

I have learned sooo much about weddings over the past year, even I am surprised sometimes when I am talking with someone just how much I have picked up. You can ask anyone who has know me growing up, I was never what you would call girly, and I for sure never dreamed about my dream wedding when I grew fact, I don't even remember dreaming about marriage at all. Pretty crazy for a wedding photographer, right?! Well let me tell you, I have definitely made up for lost time. But enough of my blabbing, the reason I mention all of this is for two reasons: 1. I want to be a resource for couples who haven't thought about these things before and would like some guidance and 2. I thought it would make a fun series on the blog.. so stay tuned in weeks to come for more wedding tips!