The Sweet, The Spice, and The not so nice: July 10 / by Angela Fortin Washington


This week has flown by..ok July has flown by and a many things are happening, so let me get straight to it!!  Just a warning, today's shots are all phone pictures :)

The Sweet

Celia's face before and after if I ask her if she wants a TREAT!? Hilarious and so cute.  Gotta love it when dogs smile. If you have any great link, leave them in the comments below ;) More on my dogs HERE.


The Spice! 

It is 10 DAYS away from my best friends wedding!!!!! I am going to be both the MOH and the photographer (with a 2nd shooter's help of course) should be challenging and interesting...but for sure a TON of fun!  Here is a sneak peak of my dress from the back that I will be wearing...should be an interesting time shooting in it all day haha!

photo (3).JPG

And The Not So Nice... 

Ok, maybe the first thing is kind of sweet and not nice at the same Mom bought be doughnuts from my favorite bakery (see more here) ..and this is only bad because she got me TWO boxes of sweets to go with the FOUR doughnuts...not helpin my summer fit efforts...but if anyone knows me...doughnuts are my weakness (especially now that I am gluten free)


Ok, the next thing is kind of revealing...but I kinda have an addiction to Candy Crush...and I am stuck on level 70....I know pathetic, but true! I am just hoping that it is somehow good for my reasoning skills or something...

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 10.56.53 AM.png

Anyway! I hope you all have a great Wednesday, and for your extra viewing pleasure, a link to an incredible dog! CLICK HERE