Columbus Wedding

Maggie & George's Classic Hilton Netherlands Wedding by Angela Fortin Washington

Hands down one of the best celebrations I have witnessed! Maggie & George spared nothing to ensure their wedding day included all of the people they love so much- friends and family from all over came to the Hilton Netherlands in Cincinnati to celebrate the joining of these two people. This was my first completely Jewish ceremony and it did not disappoint. I love learning new traditions and how they differ and are similar to each other. 

If anyone knows these two, they know these three things: 1. They don't settle: with their wedding day or with their choice of partner! 2. The people they choose to surround themselves with and their families are of the utmost importance to them. 3. They ADORE each other and are best friends. Knowing all of this, it is no surprise to me that for years to come people will be talking about this day!

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Adriana & Yvener's Wedding at the Amelita Mirolo Barn! by Angela Fortin Washington

It is hard for me to believe that I am actually posting this. I have been friends with Adriana since high school and since then we have written many a letter and made many many changes in our life! Through it all, she has always been an amazing friend, so when she asked me to shoot her wedding, I was beyond thrilled! I had only met Yvener once before for their engagement photos, but I had heard a lot more through letters and spending time together when she was in Columbus. 

It is undeniable how much these two love each other when you see them together, it makes my heart smile. Great couples balance and support each other, and most importantly, laugh(a lot)! 

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Ben & Alli's Winter Wedding at the Columbus Athenaeum Theater! by Angela Fortin Washington

By the time I shot this wedding, I had know this couple for almost a year. We had had our initial meeting, engagement session, along with some fun back and forth of wedding ideas and details. Needless to say, I just loved this couple from the beginning. Everyone feeds off their love for each other and their friends and family. They adore each other and that makes my job so enjoyable and wonderful. Check out their gorgeous wedding at St John the Baptist and the Columbus Athenaeum!

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Shawna & Jamie's Purple Inspired Wedding at Clintonville Women's Club by Angela Fortin Washington

When I heard these ladies' story and how they got to this day and what it meant to them, I couldn't help but to be so grateful to be a part of it. The day they got married marked them being together for over a decade. They have made a life together, had a beautiful little boy and now got to stand before their friends and family and become one. It was a beautiful day to be a part of, and how could there not be fun with all the little kids running around and a candy table to fuel them?! Enjoy some beautiful weather and an even more beautiful couple!

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Kate & Tommy's Picnic Style Late Summer Wedding by Angela Fortin Washington

The excitement and energy was so evident all day at the Mizelle wedding a couple weekends ago. The weather was perfect as the first signs of fall were showing up and the entire bridal party was there to make sure Tommy & Kate had the most perfect day. Get ready for endless smiles and laughter!

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