My bride's share their best wedding advice! / by Angela Fortin Washington

I was inspired by all of my amazing clients to do something to show my appreciation for sharing their lives with me and helping me to do what I love and call it a job. So, we had a spa day at Virtue Salon (where five of my bride's got their wedding hair/makeup done!) on Sunday and it was so much fun! These couples are more than just clients to me, I consider them friends, and it was great to catch up and hear about everything that has been happening in their lives, new houses, new pets, their honeymoon, and their plans to start a family. I was sad that some of my bride's were unable to make it, but I know they know they were missed, and I look forward to bumping into them anytime!!

In between their treatments, I had them answer a few questions about their weddings. I wanted to get their opinion in order to share it with future couples to help better their day! For their privacy, I am keeping their answers anonymous. Here are the three questions I asked:

What was the best decision you made for your wedding?  

I think the main take away with these answers is to really focus on what the biggest priority is for you and your partner. Are you hoping to have a smaller, intimate party, do you just want people to have a good time and dance, do you care about all of the decorative details, the food? Whatever it is, that's what you should work around. AND, of course, I am happy to get great photos that help you remember whatever it is that is most important to both of you on your wedding day. No matter who photographs your wedding, you should love them! 

  • "Short Engagement"
  • "Hiring a band that I loved"
  • "The man I married!"
  • "Letting my Mom plan everything!"
  • "Hiring Angela" x 2 & "investing in a photographer that I was comfortable with" (I swear I didn't pay them to write it :)
  • Angela-One of the best decisions we made was to wait a day between the wedding and our honeymoon, we were so tired and it was nice to have a day to pack and rest.

If you could go back, what would you do different?

The most popular answers were:

  • Take the time to really appreciate everything during the day since it goes so fast.
  • Worry less about the day and what people are thinking, and enjoy yourself- eat more cake (I can second this one because I only got one bite of my delicious cake!)
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before and give yourself plenty of time in your timeline.
  • "Elope" (haha I wanted to elope too, so don't be afraid if that is what you want to go for it!)
  • Pay for help tearing down the reception and help the next day"

What was the best advice you got regarding your wedding/engagement?

  • #1 answer- Be grateful for everything and don't worry about the small details, take it all in, and enjoy yourselves!
  • To get a photographer we liked and were comfortable with. 

Hopefully that helps some of your planning your wedding and I want to thank everyone at Virtue again that helped make our day so awesome!!!!!